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Vetting Process

UtahSAINT uses a standard vetting process for new members. The following processes will be followed upon submission of this form.

  • Notification to UtahSAINT Membership of new Vetting Request
  • 7 day mandatory wait period to allow for responses

Members of the UtahSAINT Organization may submit a concern for prospective members.

If any concerns are submitted, they will be reviewed by the UtahSAINT Committee prior to vetting. The UtahSAINT Committee decision is final.

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These services will be made available after successful vetting into the organization.

If selected, you will be subscribed to the Members Mailing List.

If selected, we will create you cool email address.

If selected, your account will allow access to the Members Only site with tools and services for members.

If selected, your contact information will be provided to other UtahSAINT Members through the online directory.